Sunday, March 19, 2017


Haiku is that moment when, across all that is going on, you and the universe catch each other's eye. 

Welcome to Beachcombing for the Landlocked. The new one. I don't know why I decided to discontinue the old one and start again from scratch; I'm sure I had good reasons at the time, I just can't remember what they were. Anyway, it's done now. We are where we are.

Here are a few ku that fell down the gap between BftL incarnations.

1. a christmas ku

shrugged off

my jacket ate

a satsuma

2. a building site ku

holiday weekend

shovel stuck in

a heap of wet sand

3. a drive-by ku

rip at the knee

of her jeans

& a tattoo there

4. a car park ku

through ivy

"... heel clamping

in opera ..."

There you go. Up to date. Seamless continuity :-)

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