Tuesday, March 27, 2018

it's who you are

on the inside that counts

. . . MRI . . .


Sunday, March 25, 2018

& the ignored

places of the body

bloom celandines

24th March '18

spring equinox

topping up

Shrodinger's mower

21st March '18

after the diagnosis

i find myself

planting snowdrops

5th March '18

at the piazza

she clears the snow

from around each

tiny red flower

3rd March '18

follow the arrows

in snow the everywhichway

of pigeon tracks

3rd March '18

fresh snow . . .

another unmarked page

in the gardener's

work diary

28th Feb '18


her daylight worries

a little chuckle

in her sleep

27th Feb '18

our flat whites

among the squabbling geese

a swan glides

26th Feb '18

overnight, in a straight line diagonally across a board,

three small white petals have fallen to the floor

26th Feb '18 

again she

doesn't recognize me

it's the hat

25th Feb '18 







23rd Feb '18