Published Haiku


brings me 


published online in Prune Juice


autumn days      drifting from text to marginalia 

published online in Bones No 1,  December 2012 

and in print, in Nothing In The Window, the Red Moon anthology of English language haiku,
ed Jim Kacian, 2013

and winner of a Haiku Foundation Touchstone Award for an individual poem, 2012


out of the day dream      sound of the pendulum  

published online in Bones No 2, June 2013


shorter days      the undertow of descending arpeggios 

published online in Bones No 3, December 2013


what remains of the fog skeletons

published online in Bones No 4, June 2014


day moon we share glances and whispered idioglossia

bluer my childhood eyes wider my godless

published online in Bones No 5, November 2014


my head 

a swirl of starlings 

- i'm st / ill  

confirmation bias 

everywhere the glorious 

absence of gods  

the window cleaner's ladder 

leaves two small holes 

in the planet

talk of myths 

low sun smears 

the windscreen

published online in Bones No 6 March 2015 

the window cleaner's ladder also published in print in Dwarf Stars Anthology 2016 from the Science Fiction Poetry Association


the following were included in the print volume Haiku News Anthology 2009-2011 :

at his deathbed 

the TV still on 

just softly 

a show 

he always loathed


this day 

placed in her lap 

rice, fruit, cloth



of dry pods 

autumn wind


winter river 

in its stillness 

a heron 



above the snow fields 

this morning 

the distance 

between us


it's all I need 

the crescent moon 

traveling light 


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